Flexible polyurethane foam is the most common cushioning material used in upholstered furniture and a major contributor to seating comfort. The versatility of different PU foam grades gives furniture designers more freedom to develop new ideas and to make specific designs work.
  • Odour resistance
  • Comfort and support
  • Durability

Ongronat® 1080

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A standard TDI 80/20 grade.

Ongronat® 3600

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A pure MDI variant with high content of 2,4'-isomer for the production of HR foams, adhesives, coatings, elastomers and prepolymers.

Ongronat® FB 5030

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ONGRONAT® 5030 is a type of prepolymerized MDI that can be used for the production of flexible foam parts as isocyanate component, especially when low density and foam openness are desired.

Ongronat® 3650

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A monomeric MDI product rich in 2,4'-methylene diphenyl diisocyanate offered for the production of prepolymers.