It’s time for action! About 20% of building heat is lost via windows, and 12% via doors. PU One Component Foam (OCF) can help you to significantly reduce your energy bill. It is the most efficient insulating and sealing expanding PU foam for mounting door and window frames. It is also ideal for sealing gaps and cracks and for eliminating cold bridges.
  • Excellent sealing and insulation properties
  • Good sound insulation properties
  • Protection against dust and insects, providing good air quality
  • Easy installation
  • High durability

Ongronat® 2100

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A polymeric MDI for general purpose. It is used for the manufacture of rigid insulating foams, semi rigid integral skin, structural foams, elastomers and adhesives.

Ongronat® CO 2150

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A special grade of polymeric MDI with a controlled reactivity and improved colour for coatings, sealants and rigid insulation foams applied in the construction industry.