Rigid polyurethane foam provides ideal insulation where controlled temperatures are required, such as in oil or gas pipelines, pipes for chemical materials and heating systems. Its versatile handling characteristics make it particularly suitable for the insulation of ‘pipe-in-pipe’ systems.
  • Reduced energy loss
  • Heat resistance
  • Mechanical resistance
  • Controlled surface temperature
  • Ease of application

Ongronat® 2100

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A polymeric MDI for general purpose. It is used for the manufacture of rigid insulating foams, semi rigid integral skin, structural foams, elastomers and adhesives.

Ongronat® CO 2160

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A special grade of polymeric MDI with precisely controlled colour and low reactivity for construction applications such as rigid foams and adhesives.

Ongronat® CO 4070

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An MDI blend designed for the production of rigid insulation foams, semi-rigid integral skin and structural foams.