Why is building insulation so important today?

Most people know that insulation keeps a house warmer inside, but did you also know that it can keep it cool in summer, save you money, help combat climate change and even contribute to national energy security? Here’s how it works!

Comfort at home and at work

Heat moves from warmer to colder areas, so it flows from inside to outside in wintertime and from outside to inside in summertime. Insulation helps to slow down this process and to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature in all seasons.

Cutting energy costs

The biggest part of our energy consumption goes to heating our homes and buildings. Yet, a large proportion of the heat escapes through the roof, walls, doors, windows and floor.
Good insulation prevents this waste. The building consumes less energy, resulting in lower bills.

Combating climate change

At present, 40% - 50% of the energy expenditure in Europe is used in buildings. Almost two thirds of that is used to heat and cool our environment. Energy creation means carbon dioxide production, which leads to global warming. However, if we can reduce energy consumption, we can reduce CO2 emissions and prevent climate change! The building sector has the highest energy saving potential. According to EU estimates, it could save around 20% by the year 2020.

Secure energy supplies

Energy demand is continuously rising and alternative energy sources cannot meet our demands today. The more energy we use, the larger the fossil fuel supply that must be secured in many countries. By reducing energy consumption, we decrease our dependency on other nations, resulting in better energy security.





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