Why is PU insulation better?

It’s worth keeping in mind that during its lifetime, polyurethane insulation saves about 80 times more energy than was used to make it! But there are plenty more good reasons for choosing PU.

Less material

Excellent insulation material is essential to achieve the best results.  In the following illustration the insulation values of different materials are compared:
As you can see, the same thermal performance (U-value) can be achieved with a much thinner layer when PU insulation is used.

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Easy transport and installation

Because PU is lightweight, it is easy to transport and install, thereby reducing risks to health and safety. PU is an anti-allergic and non-irritant material, so protective equipment is not required during installation.


As PU is durable, no significant maintenance is necessary to ensure long-lasting performance. Since it is strong, it is resistant to foot traffic and suitable for roof insulation.


Thanks to PU’s versatility it can be used for several different kinds of insulation, including:
  • Insulation boards for walls, roofs and floors
  • Insulation panels for walls, roofs and garage doors
  • Spray insulation (in situ)
  • Pipe insulation
  • Cold stores
It meets a broad range of fire safety regulations and insurance requirements, and is equally suited to new and older buildings for both residential and industrial use.
For more information on how and where PU insulation is used, have a look at our Construction industry pages.