Recycling and waste disposal

Recycling material always provides environmental and financial benefits. The aim is to reduce waste and recycle as much material as possible.
The main methods for PU recycling and reuse are: mechanical recycling, chemical recycling and energy recovery.
Environmental advantages are usually created by a combination of methods, which depend on local conditions and differ from one place to another. The properties of the material, the intended applications, market capacity, logistics, and legislation are always key elements when choosing the most suitable method of recycling.

Mechanical treatment

Mechanical recycling means grinding waste, powdering it and using it along with virgin material. There are several ways to recycle PU products:
The material is granulated, sprayed with PU chemicals and transferred to mould compression.
2.Compression moulding
PU granules produce rigid parts under heat and pressure.
3.Regrinding and powdering
The reground material is used as filler in new flexible foams.
4.Adhesive pressing
PU granules are coated with a binder and re-formed under heat and pressure.

Chemical recycling

Chemical recycling can be used for rigid and flexible foams. In this method, the original polyol is recovered for reuse in different PU applications.

Energy recovery

Energy recovery by incineration is one of the best and most popular methods of recycling. Different processes are used for energy generation such as gasification and pyrolysis. The energy recuperated can be used to provide electricity.
There are over 600 Waste-to-Energy (WtE) plants around the world, treating solid and hazardous wastes, and facilitating sustainable waste management.








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