How do Passive and conventional house costs compare?

The building costs for a Passive House are around 8% higher than those for a conventional one. This is due to extras such as heat insulation, technologies, special windows and fittings.
Maintenance costs are similar for both.
However, Passive House running costs are much lower, as thermal and water heating systems are unnecessary. In fact, a passive building needs only 10% of the heating energy required by a conventional building.
A Passive House would have a total energy demand for space heating and cooling of air-conditioned area of about 1 to 3 kW/m² per annum (or an average energy demand of 100-200 € per annum).

Future trends show that the building costs for Passive Houses will decrease because of growing demand and mass production.
PU insulation is ideal for passive buildings. To read how and why it is used, go to our Spotlight on Insulation.
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