Keeping you warm - and cool!

PU is widely used for insulation of walls, roofs, floors and windows. It maintains a comfortable temperature inside buildings and, in doing so, reduces energy bills.
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Building a dream interior

Different types of boards are produced from wood and polyurethane. These include MDF, HDF (Medium & High Density Fibreboard), Particle Board and OSB (Oriented Stand Board). These boards are used as basic materials for wall panels and doors, furniture, moulding and interior fittings, as well as numerous other applications. They are durable, water, weather and moisture resistant.
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The perfect finish

Wood workers use polyurethane as a bonding or painting material, or simply to replace expensive wood features with decorative and cost-effective wood imitation products.

PU is also used for finishing products such as paints and coatings, creating smooth and stain-resistant surfaces.

At the end of the day…

The ability to relax and sleep well is very important in our busy, fast-moving lives. PU provides comfort, excellent body support and a dust-free, anti-allergic environment along with durability and design flexibility.
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Fresh food on the table

PU rigid foams play a key role in food preservation. As well as being key components in Appliances which preserve our food, they are also used in the refrigerated trucks which transport it.