Are you wearing PU?

Polyurethane and PU synthetic leather are used to create fashionable clothing that’s strong and durable, yet light and comfortable. Did you know that PU can be found in your bag, your belt and in your sports equipment? Designers love it because of its versatility, which allows them the freedom to create the fashion clothing you want.


Polyurethanes are extremely important in modern shoe design.  Their flexibility, strength and durability make them ideal for shoe soles, and they are widely used for uppers as well. This allows for a vast freedom of design. All kinds of footwear, including fashion, sport and safety shoes, benefit from the durability, comfort and protective qualities offered by PU. 

Protection and performance

Polyurethane provides safety, protection and long-lasting performance. It is used to produce sports equipment and accessories for skating, skiing and numerous other sports. Toughness, lightness and water-resistance make it particularly suitable for sports balls – in fact the official 2010 FIFA World Cup ball was largely composed of thermoplastic polyurethane!

An all-round winner!

Finally, as you’re training hard or watching your kids play, have a look at the floor. You may not have realised it, but polyurethane provides safe and comfortable surfaces in many sports centres, tracks and playgrounds.
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