Safe storage of MDI and TDI

Since there are different types of isocyanates, such as monomeric and polymeric MDI, TDI and prepolymers, different handling, temperature level and storage solutions are required. 
Isocyanates are generally stored in containers, tanks, drums and spray bottles. Most isocyanate substances must be stored at about 25-30 °C, but some products, like monomeric MDI, require different storage conditions

Technical Data Sheet

A Technical Data Sheet (TDS) is delivered with the material and should be found wherever the material is used. The TDS contains exact guidelines for material storage with specific information for the given substance. You can download the TDS from our Chem product finder.
A checklist for isocyanate storage:
  • Store isocyanate substances in a cool, dry, lockable, enclosed area with ventilation, away from heat sources or sunlight.
  • Keep work areas clean to prevent spills. Spills must be cleaned up immediately to minimise vapour release.
  • Keep isocyanates separate from substances such as bases, alcohol, acid, alkali, amine and water to avoid uncontrollable polymerisation or mixing and cross contamination.
  • Keep substances away from electric sparks, heat or flame.
  • Keep containers covered and sealed, and check them for leakage.
  • Check the pressure, seals and temperature in the containers periodically.
  • Check the atmospheric contamination and temperature levels in the storage area.
  • Keep foam sprays away from flames. Do not puncture or incinerate them!
  • Ensure correct markings and labels on the containers or on drums and packaging.
  • Only allow skilled personnel to handle or work with isocyanates.
  • Keep fire-fighting and any necessary emergency equipment at the storage area.
  • In case of expired products, ask the producer or the supplier for proper disposal procedures.
  • Empty, non-returnable containers which have contained isocyanates must be decontaminated according to special instructions