Supplier registration

In order to ensure continuous supplies of raw and auxiliary materials for production, we needed to ascertain that all of our suppliers will pre-register and then register their manufactured substances. After 30 November 2008, substances that have not been pre-registered cannot be manufactured in or imported into the European Community.
To achieve this, we sent out questionnaires to all suppliers, inquiring about their plans for registration and pre-registration. All our suppliers have confirmed that they have pre-registered and intend to register all products supplied to BorsodChem.

Material inventory

A material inventory was compiled, containing all BorsodChem manufactured substances for pre-registration and later registration.  As only pre-registered substances can be registered, the inventory had to include all the substances we aim to manufacture in the future. Although relatively limited data is required for pre-registration, observation and gathering of this information was difficult for some substances.
We have now pre-registered all the substances we manufacture, and all the substances we intend to manufacture in the future.

Communication with downstream users

We receive many questions from our downstream users regarding our registration plans. Our current intention is to register all of our manufactured substances.
In a later phase of REACH, we will obtain information on the application of our manufactured substances and the exposure of the user.
Depending on this information, we will develop exposure scenarios as part of a chemical safety report. On this basis, we will determine our range of recommended uses.

Trade organisations and consortia

A manufacturer or importer who pre-registers a substance will have access to the ECHA REACH-IT information platform, and to other manufacturers who have also pre-registered that substance.
Manufacturers of the same substance will form a Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF), in which they collaborate in creation and submission of the registration dossier.
BorsodChem participates in the work of several trade organisations (such as ISOPA, Euro Chlor and ECVM), which play an important role in the establishment of consortia.
REACH Coordination Team