EU on track towards the achievement of its commitments
under the Kyoto Protocol

On 12 October, the European Commission released its annual report assessing the EU progress towards the achievement of the objectives set under the Kyoto Protocol. The latter requires a reduction of the EU-15 GHG emission by 8% in the period 2008-2012 compared to the chosen year of reference. The main findings of the document  are summarized below:

  • The EU-15 GHG emissions have decreased by nearly 7% compared to the year of reference (for most of them 1990).
  • Compared to 2008, the EU-15 has registered a GHG emission reduction of 1.9% while its GDP has grown by 0,6%.
  • Six Member States i.e. Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Sweden and the UK are well on track on their reduction targets, while only two (Austria and Italy) might not be able to achieve their targets. Of the other 12 Member States, only nine have Kyoto targets and according to projections they should be able to meet them.
  • Moreover, compared to 2008, the EU-15 and EU-27 GHG emissions decreased by 6.9 % in 2009, bringing the EU-15 to a 12,9% reduction compared to base year level and therefore beyond the targets set by the Kyoto Protocol of 8%.
  • However, concerning the 20% GHG emission reduction to be achieved by the EU by 2020, the report notes that the Member States will have to multiply their efforts to meet the targets and effectively implement the obligations fixed by the 2009 Climate and Energy Package

The report highlights that GHG emissions savings will be also achieved through the implementation of the energy performance of buildings and ecodesign requirements Directives.

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