Buying a mattress has just become easier

Buying a mattress has just become easier. So promises LGA, thanks to a newly developed sizing system, which is being presented at the 2011 IMM Cologne international furniture exhibition.

Press Release

The TÜV Rheinland LGA’s independent testing service has devised a new sizing system for mattresses. The advantage of the new system is that the support points of the mattress are adapted to the support points for the head, shoulder, spine and hips, according to the clothing size of the user. This is important for a good resting and sleeping position. Stephan Scheuer, ergonomics expert at TÜV Rheinland LGA, says, "Our system is designed for 90 percent of all adults. The new mattress parameters thus serve consumers as a simple yet important reference point in the search for a mattress that’s precisely tailored to their own size."

In the new system, the mattresses are classified into six sizes corresponding to standard clothing sizes. Thus, mattress size 1 corresponds to clothing size 36/38 and mattress size 6 to clothing size 54/56. Individual needs are particularly important when choosing the right mattress. We change our sleeping position between 40 and 60 times in a night. This promotes relaxation – through metabolic activity, for example - and helps to regenerate the intervertebral discs during sleep.

The problem is that "someone who sleeps in a bed with a mattress that is not coordinated with the body wakes up in the morning exhausted rather than refreshed," says Scheuer. The mattress must take into account not only body size, but also body weight. A mattress that is too soft prevents the sleeper from frequently changing sleeping position, as this expends too much energy. A mattress that is too hard, on the other hand, creates restless sleep because the sleeper moves too much.

The sizing system takes these precise factors into account as well. With the new standard "Clothing Size System Tested" label for mattresses, the specialists at TÜV Rheinland LGA extend their already diverse consumer offering with easy orientation when buying mattresses. These already include the "Certified Quality", "Tested for Harmful Substances" and "Ergonomic Comfort" labels.


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