Energy from hydrogen – a new BorsodChem initiative

With the help of an investment of over 16 million euro, BorsodChem is about to begin using hydrogen to generate energy. BorsodChem signed the agreement at the end of 2010 with contracting company, Sinergy Energy Service, Investment and Consulting Ltd. and financing company, UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.. The planned investment should be complete by this autumn.

Approximately 43 million m3 of hydrogen is to be used annually, and it will be generated in the course of production at BorsodChem. The gas will be burnt at the BorsodChem furnace installed by Sinergy two years ago, and the heat generated in the process will be utilised by BorsodChem. This will result in a reduction of nearly 12 million m3 every year in the amount of natural gas consumed by the furnace.

The initiative will also reduce the furnace’s CO2 emissions by 23 kt/year. From then on, the company will not only have access to heat energy under more favourable conditions than those currently in place, but  will make an important contribution to sustainable development by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.