Eurofoam creates the perfect power nap

More and more Europeans are discovering the multiple benefits of the power nap – a short re-energising sleep which is already a fixed part of the daily routine in Asia.  A 20-minute midday sleep recharges the batteries and reduces the risk of burnout and heart attacks. In addition, it enhances concentration and increases the attention span. This has a positive effect on productivity as well as safety in the workplace.

To support the power nap, Eurofoam has developed the perfect power nap lounger in cooperation with doctors and physiotherapists. The Inemuri Lounger is mainly constructed in flexible polyurethane foam which is strong and durable while offering excellent comfort and support. This material is ideally suited to creating the lounger’s unique ergonomic form, which positions the body for rapid relaxation.  The lounger is easy to clean and offered in various tones and colour combinations to suit every taste. It is suitable for all body sizes and can be easily adjusted to meet individual needs.

Eurofoam provides a comprehensive service for its power-napping customers, including information and training for employees and professional interior designers to help create the ideal room for the power nap. Visit for more details and information on how to book an advisory appointment.

Eurofoam is the leading flexible foam company in Europe, with 40 production and processing facilities in 12 countries.

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