Foaming an Opinion - the Polyurethanes blog!

ISOPA, the association of the European Diisocyanate and Polyol producers, has started its own blog.

“Foaming an Opinion” is the new voice of the campaign and offers a way to share knowledge and stories about PU, answer questions and exchange information in a completely new manner. It allows readers to widen their knowledge, better understand the benefits of this incredibly versatile material and interact with the world of polyurethanes. As it allows for more explicit opinions, it will allow ISOPA to communicate on broader matters as well as the polyurethane market.

So far,  the association has posted on the following topics at

  • From polyurethanes to the Beach Boys: shaping a popular surf culture
  • The “dream reaction” – using CO2 as a raw material for even more sustainable polyurethanes
  • Polyurethanes: “the stuff they make space suits out of”
  • Copenhagen catching up with pioneer cities on green roofs
  • The secret power of wall insulation and A-rated boilers
  • Foaming An Opinion: the Polyurethanes blog (15 April 2011)







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