Kingspan Insulated Panels to develop innovative sources of renewable energy

At present, 40% - 50% of the energy expenditure in Europe is used in buildings and almost two thirds of that is used to heat and cool our environment. This creates carbon dioxide production, which leads to global warming. However, if we can reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, we can prevent climate change. Since energy demand is continuously rising also alternative and renewable energy sources play crucial role in the global strategy to cut carbon emissions.

Kingspan designs, manufactures and supplies approximately 20 million m2 of insulated roof, wall and façade panels per annum and started to integrate sources of renewable energy into their construction programmes. The company introduced a range of sustainable solutions for roofs, walls and façades.

Kingspan powerpanel, the fully integrated Photovoltaic (PV) system, generates clean, inflation proof electricity, reduces energy costs and can generate electricity to be fed into the national grid or used within the building itself. Every kW produced has zero-carbon emissions, which significantly reduces the carbon footprint and limits dependency on fossil or nuclear fuels.

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 Kingspan EnergiPanels are innovative insulated solar air heating systems designed for roof and wall applications as a supplement to the main heating system. Profi led hollows beneath the crowns allow air movement up through the panel and the air is warmed by the simple process of using the outer steel skin as a solar energy absorber. EnergiPanel combines Kingspan’s existing state of the art insulated panel technology with a tested and proven solar air heating capability.

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