The foam becomes intelligent

In a breakthrough innovation, ORSA Foam has introduced the use of microspheres in flexible polyurethane foam and invested the i-fo@m with a technology that can be applied to a wide range of polyurethane foams.

In fact, through microencapsulation, special or active substances can be introduced in millions of particles (microspheres). This protects them from external environments, minimises losses and avoids any damage to the active ingredient during the production process.

A microencapsulated substance increases the lifetime and effectiveness of its benefits and even years after  its encapsulation, to appreciate the performance just stroke or exert a slight pressure on the product.

This technology also helps to protect the substances that create the colour change. This is how the i-fo@m Chrome reversibly changes its colour depending on the temperature or its exposure to sunlight. With i-fo@m Chrome, the world of polyurethanes opens its horizons to new solutions in various application fields such as medical, households, packaging and personal care.

I-fo@m Thermo with thermo-regulation properties,  i-fo@m Active with carbon content, i-fo@m Silver containing silver as a natural antibacteric and i-fo@m Elisir with microcapsules of essential oils all belong to this innovative family, providing you with a range of products that ensure comfort and ideal protection in any situation: from moments of rest and relaxation, to leisure, from work to sports.

Orsa’s creativity is at the service of your imagination!

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