Two new drum filling lines

Two new drum filling lines to further enhance service capabilities

BorsodChem is pleased to inform you, that as part of the TDI and MDI capacity expansion projects and to further enhance its service capabilities, two new drum-filling lines were put into operation in Kazincbarcika (Hungary) for Ongronat 1080 (TDI) and for Ongronat 2100 (SFpMDI) products.

These state of the art, fully automatic, high-speed drumming lines are up to the highest safety standards and will help BorsodChem further increase its downstream efficiency. Using PE stretch foil for strapping the drums together and to the pallet enhances safety during transportation and its additional benefit for the customers lies in much safer handling in their own premises.

The new strapping system contributes significantly to safety in moving and handling the products, thereby creating added value and showing our commitment to the social responsibility.

The size of the pallet/drums and the loading weights remain unchanged. The lines are in operation now, so deliveries are already made with the new strapping system.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact your local sales manager.