Wanhua-BorsodChem success in UTECH 2012

UTECH Europe 2012, the truly international and largest event of the polyurethanes market held in Maastricht, was the most attractive show for decision makers in the PU industry this year. As the largest event of the polyurethane industry, UTECH attracted audiences and professionals to share the newest developments in polyurethanes.

Together with all the exhibitors, visitors and conference delegates, Wanhua-BorsodChem can also confirm the outstanding success of the event. UTECH Europe 2012 this year attracted 160 exhibiting companies; visitor numbers were also up considerably at 3,561 from 86 countries for 2012, compared to 2,692 in 2009, an increase of over 32%. 

Wanhua-BorsodChem, the leading isocyanate producers, exhibited together as one group on a corporate level for the first time in order to further propagate and reinforce its global competitive position.

“We’re now the largest PU Supplier in Asia, with BorsodChem’s participation, we will attract more customers from all around the world”, said Mr. Ding Jiansheng, Chairman and President of Wanhua & BorsodChem Industrial Group, during his keynote speech opening the UTECH Europe 2012 conference, on 17th April.

As a global PU supplier, consistent high quality and innovation ensure Wanhua’s leading position in Asia; BorsodChem is a leading European chemical company. With BorsodChem’s participation in February 2011, Wanhua’s isocyanate capacity is presently 1300KTPa, and will continue to expand in the future. Wanhua will provide European customers with high quality products and better services through co-operation with BorsodChem and continuous innovation based on the European market.

Several interesting and innovative polyurethane products were demonstrated during the event. These represented the excellent variety of isocyanates, polyols and several PU catalysts produced by Wanhua and BorsodChem, that in turn express their commitment to increasing the  value and the quality of everyday life.
































Wanhua introduced new technology at UTECH

At UTECH, Wanhua introduced its new technique of carbon nanotubes (CNT). Carbon nanotubes are widely used in the energy, electricity generation, and sports industries due to their excellent electrical and mechanical properties. They can also be utilised as conductive material in the manufacture of lithium batteries as well as antistatic packaging. High quality multi-walled nanotubes developed by Wanhua are able to supply customers with efficient and reliable solutions.

UTECH Conference

Chairman Ding Jiansheng delivered the keynote speech for UTECH and highlighted the development of China’s PU industry over the last decade, and the impact, both past and future, on the industry in rest of the world. “Because of very rapid growth in PU demand, many RM capacities were launched near China in the last decade. “ Ding said, “Wanhua also invested in high quality plants of not only MDI, but also POSM, PO/MTBE and ADI”. Alongside the world energy situation and MDI market maturity, building insulation, straw boards and high end specialties will bring new markets in China. “Please consider China as your next strategic investment opportunity”, Ding concluded.


















Wanhua-BorsodChem hereby expresses its thanks and appreciation to its visitors and customers for their attendance and participation in the UTECH show and conference.