How can PU help me save money?

Homeowners, architects, contractors and DIY enthusiasts are all talking about the benefits of polyurethane insulation. It is incredibly versatile and can be adapted to almost any use, including roofs, walls, doors, windows and floors. Its high performance means that a much thinner layer of insulation is needed than with most other materials, saving you valuable space. The investment cost is paid back in no time and, as if that weren’t enough, several governments and other organisations are providing insulation subsidies and incentives to get you started.

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Commercial, institutional and private building projects are all eligible for grants by the governement or organisations. However, it seems extremely difficult to obtain accurate information on the available schemes and incentives. We will help you! We have compiled below for each European country links that will allow you to get the right information without loosing too much time. But the list can even get better, so if you know good links or know where to find the correct information, please drop an email to Your help is highly appreciated!

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