Where can I see PU in action?

The answer is – everywhere! Polyurethane is versatile, cost-effective and offers many environmental benefits. With a whole range of physical properties on offer, its uses are seemingly infinite. The room you’re in now may well be insulated with PU, the chair you’re sitting on probably contains PU cushioning and your belt and shoe soles are likely to contain PU as well. The transport, construction, clothing and footwear, wood, appliances and bedding and furniture industries have all changed radically since the introduction of polyurethanes. The design and performance possibilities it offers are simply unmatched by any other material.

To learn more about the many applications of PU, have a look at our market overview and in the PU in use section in Learn more about PU



With the rising cost of energy, many people are turning to an energy audit to maximize the energy efficiency of their home. Thermal cameras measure the surface temperature of an object and then display the thermal data as an infrared heat spectrum. Doing a complete thermal scan of your home will document defects in the thermal envelope of the house and helps you to focus on the improvements. By performing an energy audit you can save 20%-30% on your heating and cooling costs.  Click here if you would like to see some images of IR thermography.

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