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Polyurethane foams are used to cushion the seats, headrests and armrests of most cars, increasing comfort and safety for drivers and passengers. Their durability prolongs the lifetime, quality and residual value of the vehicle, while their light weight contributes to the car’s overall performance.
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Odour resistance
  • Safety
  • Light weight

Ongronat® 1080

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A standard TDI 80/20 grade.

Ongronat® TR 5500

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Specialty MDI product designed to improve foam elastic properties.

Ongronat® TR 5760

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A prepolymer-based MDI grade, designed for high density automotive seating.

Ongronat® TR 4011

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An MDI-TDI blend specially designed for the production of seat backs with low density, while imparting good physical properties.

Ongronat® TR 4040

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An MDI composition designed for the production of moulded flexible automotive seating with good support and durability.

Ongronat® TR 4060

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Isocyanate component used for the production of in-situ flexible foams, when using the molding process to produce foams with enhanced resilience.

Ongronat® TR 5010

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A state of the art prepolymer-based MDI grade, designed in particular for automotive (front) seat applications.

Ongronat® TR 5040

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ONGRONAT® TR 5040 is a specialty isocyanate component for the production of moulded flexible foams for the automotive industry.

Ongronat® TR 5050

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ONGRONAT® TR 5050 is an isocyanate component for the manufacture of flexible moulded foams used in the automotive industry.

Ongronat® TR 4120

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An MDI blend designed for the production of polyuretane flexible moulded foams for automotive seating application.